Contact & Details

I work with flat-rate prices on all KNITTED outfits.
No matter if the set includes trousers or not, or if its outfits or dresses,
all prices are fit to sizes.

For knit, prices are like this:

Size 15″-17″ cost $35

Size 18″-20″ cost $40

Size 20″-22″ cost $45

Size 23″-25″ cost $50

For crochet, prices vary depending on how much wool is needed for the order.

Contact me for details.

Crocheted and sewn clothes have other prices and depend on amount of yarn
used on a set – crocheting takes a whole lot more yarn than knitting – and sewn clothes
depends on what I paid for the fabric used and which size.

All prices are with worldwide shipping included.
This way you don’t have to think of what it may cost you to have it shipped to your place.
If you order more than one outfit, the price will be reduced accordingly
to match combined shipping.

This is a non-smoking home. But we DO have pets. We have rabbits,
and on occasions we also have visits by dogs.
I ofcourse don’t put my knitwork into piles of hair, and I always check the outfits
before shipping, and remove occasional pet-hairs.
But I cannot guarantee that there’s “nothing” in it which will cause allergic reaction,
so if you are allergic to rabbits or dogs, please don’t order.


Do you have any ideas or suggestions of what to add to my site, please let me know, I’m open for new stuff.

For the time being you can contact me on e-mail: mail@karina-brandt.dkwhich is also
my e-mail address for paypal payments.

On my username is karina-brandt and on yahoogroups I’m berenguermom.

If you wish to place an order for an outfit or a baby, you can mail me on the above e-mail address.


I prefer to be paid by paypal, but am willing to take SWIFT banktransfers if YOU pay the fee.
The fee is currently 8 dollars for Euro transfers. I don’t know the fee for outside EU, but I will find out.