Reborn Dolls by Karina Brandt

I have decided to integrate my two websites, so I from now on also sell my reborn dolls from here.

I began reborning when I was 15 – now I’m 46. Back then it was called “ruining your dolls” according to my mother, and plenty of scoling. Little did we know, that many years later, it became an artform.

I specialize in custom orders, especially portrait dolls.

Custom orders start from 600USD, plus shipping. I do not write down the value on the parcel for shipping – its too risky in case of goods lost and insurance. Been there, done that – too expensive, too risky.

In the gallery you can view my past work, so far only sold to Denmark, Norway and Germany, since I never before have aimed at the international market. That’s new for me.

I hope you like what you see.

Kind Regards,

Karina Brandt


Below you can see some of my past work: